How to stop biting your nails - Effective home remedies

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One of our impulse control disorders is nail biting, which millions of people do, children and adults. Nail biting can lead to all kinds of problems. If you don't stop nail biting can get your cuticles infected as well as your gums. It can also be responsible for transferring pin worms or bacterial from under the nails. If you swallow the nails they can lead to stomach problems. 

Nails are famous for having bacteria living under them and contact germs if not washed and cleaned properly. These can easily be transferred to your body and you can becomeextremely ill. The first thing to do is to determine why you bite your nails and then try to associate it with your feelings. Maybe you could find out the reason.

There are many treatments to stop biting nails. One of the most common ones is to apply denatonium benzoate to your nails. This is a clear cheap way and is very bitter. The bitter taste will stop you from biting your nails. 

There are people that even go to therapy and take Habit Reversal Training (HRT) The research on this method is not very favorable. If you haveacrylic nails put on it will keep you frombiting your nails. But that may be a little expensive to keep them up just to stop biting them. There are creams you can use to help with the nail biting and it is even safe to use on children. It is clear and looks and feels like hand cream. The best results for this cream is with adults because they will keep the cream on longer than children do. 

There are many homemade remedies to stop biting your nails. Maybe one of these could help:

1.  Dip your fingers in Tabasco Sauce and wipe off the excess then let the rest dry on your fingertips.

2.  Chewing gum or sucking on mints. The meaning of this is to keep your mouth busy so you won't bite on your fingers.

3.  Wear a rubber band on your wrists and every time you start to bite your nails you snap yourself. You associate the pain with biting the nails. 

4.  Change your habit. Instead of biting your nails you can file your nails. 

5.  Don't buy hand cream that smells of food like berries. Instead use a perfumed hand cream often so you always have some on your hand and you won't enjoy it when you put your finger in your mouth.

6.  Don't get bored. If you find your hands idle you need to call someone, read a book or crochet.

7.  Dip you fingers in vanilla extract. Due to the fact that this has alcohol in it you won't be putting it in your mouth.

Good luck with this!